Easily upcycle a world globe into a lamp

You love maps and world globes. That fact is made evident when people enter your home. You buy a new world globe or map every few years to keep up on the geopolitical changes that happen. Previously, you've sold a few at yard sales or taken them to the nearest Goodwill to make room for the newest world globe in your collection, but you would like to find something creative to do with the globes so they’ll stay in your home. Here are a few suggestions on how to transform those world globes into something new.

  1. Turn it into a pendant light. The hardware store carries the electrical pieces for the lights, you can split the world globe into two hemispheres and use each one as a shade for the lights.  See directions here
  2. Make it into a handy hiding place by splitting the world globe into two pieces and attaching a hinge to one side of the globe so it will open. Fix a hook on the other side to latch it shut.
  3. Turn it into a planter, using a bowl to contain the dirt and moisture. If you use the bottom half for a planter and the top half for the pendant light, you’ll be able to keep them directionally correct.
  4. Buy a clock mechanism and turn it into a hanging wall clock for an interesting touch in your living room or office.

Whatever you decide, come up with something creative to do with world globes. If you don’t mind changing the look of it, you could also paint it with a work of art or decoupage it with pictures to make a display of your family and friends.