Globes are made of a variety of materials. In school, the globes that were used to study from and learn about latitude and longitude were typically made of plastic or fiberboard construction. Some globes had the topography with a 3D surface to show mountains, valleys and the trenches in the ocean. While other globes may have been vinyl inflatable to show the geography of Earth without taking up much space while they’re not being used. These globes are durable and easy to use for students. These globes are also affordable for the teachers and schools to purchase.

The higher end globes offer more choices, like silver or an illuminated glass globe. Globes can also be crafted from wood or bamboo, adding to the character and interest of the piece. The glass or acrylic can be illuminated for more defined boundaries. While other globes levitate to offer an unrestricted 360° view of the globe.

In high-end offices, a globe created from a material that looks more luxurious and can make a statement of your success. Different countries may be crafted out of various types of stone for a multicolored palette surface of the globe.

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