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Four Creative Ways to Repurpose your Outdated Globes 0

You love maps and globes. That fact is made evident when people enter your home. You buy a new world globe or map every few years to keep up on the geopolitical changes that happen. Currently, there’s an Original Kilburg Geochron wall mounted map with beautiful Walnut wood that you have your eye on. Previously, you've sold a [...]

Holiday Specials On Brands Like Replogle Globes and Columbus Globes 0

It is the holiday season and like you, we think it feels better to give than to receive. That is why this holiday season, we have some special gifts to offer our valued customers when they shop between November 1 and December 31. Any of our customers who place a globe order that [...]

The New Original Killburg Geochron Designer Series by Geochron Incorporated 0

Our knowledge of the world and its geography has drastically changed and evolved over the course of time. From the first, most simple map to the Columbus Globes we now have today, our view of the world has expanded exponentially. However, our curiosity and knack for innovation did not stop there. In [...]

Replogle Helps You Keep Your Globes Updated 0

Recently, we discussed some of the newest countries appearing on the maps of the world. While it has been a few years since the last new country, South Sudan, established its borders, you never know when political strife might lead to needing an updated map. Changes don’t have to render your globes out-of-date! Replogle Globes [...]