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The Art of Making a Zoffoli Globe 0

Zoffoli Globes are beautiful, Italian works of art that are carefully designed to inspire adventure and express historical accuracy. Since being established in 1963 by Italo Zoffoli, Zoffoli Globes have been created with incredible accuracy and attention to detail. Our process is constantly striving to bring new quality and vision to the world of globe [...]

Compare and Contrast Columbus Globes and Zoffoli Globes 0

Columbus Globes is the oldest globe manufacturer in the world. This company was established in Berlin, Germany in 1909 and is Europe’s favorite luxury globe seller. Columbus Globes are all handcrafted in Germany to this day and pride themselves on accuracy, precision, and quality. These globes are ideal for an office atmosphere due to their clean, [...]

Find Unique Zoffoli Globes Today 0

Zoffoli Globes, similarly to Columbus Globes or Replogle Globes, are recognized worldwide for their expert craftsmanship and unique designs. Originating in Italy, these globes are renowned for their “Classica” and “Geographica” collections which were designed to combine beauty with practicality. Globes can function as educational tools, decorations, and inspiration for creativity and imagination. The Zoffoli [...]