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The first depictions of earth’s surface existed long before the creation of the world famous companies of Columbus Globes and Replogle Globes. Earth was established as being spherically shaped in Greek astronomy during the 3rd century BC. The earliest known globe was constructed in the mid 2nd century BC by Crates of Mallus in Cilicia [...]

Hand-Detailed Columbus Globes 0

UltraGlobes sells Columbus Globes, the most technologically advanced physical maps on which the DUORAMA is hand-applied with painstaking precision. Columbus Globes is based in Germany and has been making world-famous globes for over a century. Precision is key with each new piece of art and the DUORAMA is the finest one available. On this model [...]

Keep Your Mind Sharp With Columbus Globes 0

Keeping your mind active is important as we age. An active mind helps keep us sharp into our later years. There are a variety of fun ways you can use Columbus globes to keep your mind in great shape. Here are a few ideas for games you can play with your globe to get you [...]

Columbus Globes Look Great in Any Room 0

Columbus globes are a great way to add a functional piece of decor to any room in the home. They are beautiful and are a great educational tool. Here are a few different rooms you could use a globe in, and how they would benefit the occupants:1. A child's bedroom is the perfect place for [...]