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Use Columbus Globes to Learn About the World Cup! 0

The 2014 World Cup is in full swing. Whenever there is a worldwide event such as the World Cup there is great opportunity to learn about countries far from home. Columbus globes provide the perfect apparatus for learning about all of these countries. Over 200 countries participated in qualifying rounds leading up to the tournament [...]

Using Columbus Globes in the Classroom 0

Last time we talked about some of the more obvious ways to use a globe in the classroom. Today let's explore some of the more creative ways you can utilize globes in your lessons. Columbus globes come in a variety of styles so you can pick the best one for your needs.You might not think [...]

Columbus Globes are Beautiful and Accurate 0

Spin the globe and run your finger across it as it moves. Wherever your finger lands when the globe stops is where you will live when you grow up! We all played this silly game as children in school. Most of us probably do not live where our finger landed. But chances are that that [...]

Stay Connected to the World With Columbus Globes 0

The world that we live in is truly an incredible place. There is a wealth of history and culture on every surface, and all of the people that we share it with have their own stories and traditions. Children in today’s society always seem to be too busy with staring at their phones or playing [...]