Why Are There Sea Creatures on Replogle Globes?


If you look closely at our Replogle Globes, you may notice a sea creature out in the ocean waters. You might wonder what a sea creature is doing on your modern map of the world, but this little detail is a nod to our exploration forefathers in the 15th and 16th centuries. Sailors during this time believed that if they sailed too close to the edge of the world, they might fall off. They also marked their maps with sea creatures to indicate dangerous waters or areas that hadn't been explored and charted yet. It was a warning to fellow sailors to stay on guard in those place, for there may be dragons in the waters.

These sea creature markers were also a way for map-makers of yore to fill in blank spaces with their own artwork, and today it is fun to search old maps for these fantastic creatures. There have been nine different sea creatures featured on Replogle Globes, and while this symbol is no longer an indicator of dangerous areas, it is a fun acknowledgement that we haven't always known so much about this planet of ours.

Imagine how exciting it must have been to sail a ship around the world hundreds of years ago! Many sailors left for unchartered waters and never came home, so it's no wonder many worried about fantastic sea creatures swimming in the oceans. Place an order for our Replogle Globes today and check out if there are any sea creatures swimming in the waters of your new globes. Let us know what you find! 

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