Who Knew a World Globe Could Help you See the World?


Your new world globe from GeoMart has given you wanderlust. That’s all there is to it. It has pushed you over the edge from travel-itch to full on search-the-web-to-find-cheap-plane-tickets. You are so excited about your globe and the inspiration it has given you to add “seeing the world” to your bucket list. The only conflict you have is deciding where to go first. The globe gave you the inspiration. Why not use the globe to give you the direction too?

There are tons of ways to use the globe in planning your next trip abroad. You could do the standard, point to the globe and spin it and see where your finger lands. If you want to change it up a bit, you could spin the globe and where your finger points, write it down. Do this ten times and put those name in a bowl and choose one. Should you be a little more particular about where you end up, another way to choose is to pick five countries you want to see and do the blind-spin-and-point and see which one you get closest to.

Once you’ve found a place, book the flight. You can find a hostel or hotels in the area that will suit your comfort level. There are tons of places to see wherever you go on this green and blue globe that is our planet. Follow your wanderlust and put that globe to good use. Cross off a location you want to see from your bucket list and make memories.

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  • Charles Cotherman
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