What to Look for When Choosing a New World Globe


There are a large number of world globes on the market. It all depends on your preferences and what the use for the globe will be. One thing to look at is the price. Globes span the range of prices. Inflatable globes can cost a few dollars, while an office globe made of fine materials will set you back thousands. The price all depends on what you’re looking for in terms of materials, size and features.

Globes are made out of all manner of materials. Obviously, the inflatable will be fabricated from a form of plastic. The standard classroom world globes will be made from fiberboard or durable plastic. Globes costing in the thousands of dollars will be crafted out of glass and stones with inlays and set in gimbaled-mounted frames to rotate so their beauty can be fully appreciated. Like the value of the materials, the size will also influence the price of the globe. A 16.5 inch floor standing bar globe will be more expensive than a 13 inch floor standing bar globe.

Globes have a myriad of features that can affect the price. That gimbaled-mounted globe will cost more than one set in a semi-meridian mounting. Some globes have topographic features to show the difference in the terrain around the world. Still others levitate and/or revolve for you. The feature choices don’t end there. The prices vary according to these factors. Know what the purpose for the globe will be. For instance, a levitating globe wouldn't be as practical for kids as a durable semi-meridian plastic globe.

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