Using Columbus Globes in the Classroom


Last time we talked about some of the more obvious ways to use a globe in the classroom. Today let's explore some of the more creative ways you can utilize globes in your lessons. Columbus globes come in a variety of styles so you can pick the best one for your needs.

You might not think that a globe would be useful in a math lesson. But if you think about it, a globe is a great tool for teaching geometry. Combining disciplines is a great way to get your students to think outside the box. Without too much trouble you should be able to draw up some questions combining history, geography, and math. Your students who love history will be focused on that aspect while still reaping the benefits of learning math, and vice versa. Interdisciplinary lessons will get all of your students to think outside the box.

You can use a globe to help teach a second language. Geographic features, names of countries, and units of measurement are all concepts that will be easy to teach with a globe. You can also use a globe to hammer home points about the country where the language you are teaching is from.

While it may not be at the center of the lesson, a globe can be used as reference when teaching wildlife biology. Knowing where difference animals live is an important base lesson when diving into this subject. A globe helps students visualize the Earth in a way that no other reference tool can.

Thinking outside the box lets you incorporate a globe into nearly any lesson plan you create. Columbus globes are perfect for the classroom. Order yours today and see just how useful they can be!

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  • Will Mannsz
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