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The first depictions of earth’s surface existed long before the creation of the world famous companies of Columbus Globes and Replogle Globes. Earth was established as being spherically shaped in Greek astronomy during the 3rd century BC. The earliest known globe was constructed in the mid 2nd century BC by Crates of Mallus in Cilicia which is now in modern-day Turkey. None of the earliest globes have survived, but we can see an example of a celestial globe because it was made as part of a Hellenistic sculpture titled “Farnese Atla". there is a Roman copy of this that can be seen in the Naples Museum in Italy.

These early globes were inaccurate because they exclusively depicted the Old World. These were most commonly created by the Islamic world. The oldest surviving globe was made in Germany in 1492. It is called Erdapfel. Another early globe is smaller and was created in two halves of an ostrich egg. This unique piece was discovered in 2012 and is thought to be from approximately 1510.

UltraGlobes offers a wide variety of incredible globe options that embody the development of this incredible industry. Our Columbus Globes and Replogle Globes are the highest quality available and many of them are hand painted in minute detail. From the explorations of Behaim, a German mapmaker, followed by men like Christopher Columbus, and eventually followed by space exploration which enabled us to take globe making to a whole new level; UltraGlobes is proud to offer people all this history in one beautifully crafted piece of art. Order your Columbus Globes and Replogle Globes today!

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