The New Original Killburg Geochron Designer Series by Geochron Incorporated


Our knowledge of the world and its geography has drastically changed and evolved over the course of time. From the first, most simple map to the Columbus Globes we now have today, our view of the world has expanded exponentially. However, our curiosity and knack for innovation did not stop there. In 1965, James Killburg invented the first Geochron. With it’s specialized and intricate electric clock motor, the Geochron allows its user to determine the time anywhere in the world. However, to any observer, the Original Killburg Geochron may simply resemble a framed world map. Geochron has taken their original design a step further to create a more sophisticated Geochron that can be seen as a full functioning piece of art.

Introducing the Designer Series of the Original Killburg Geochrons. This new series combines the full functionality of the Original Killburg Geochron with beautifully crafted wood frames, creating a perfectly unique piece. Designer Kayla Bruke utilizes walnut from walnut trees that have been infected with the Thousand Cankers Disease, to create these wonderful masterpieces. These trees would otherwise have to be removed and sent through a wood chipper as they are a danger to the surrounding healthy trees.

The Designer Series of the Original Killburg Geochron brings an aesthetically pleasing touch to an otherwise highly utilitarian piece. Give your geography lover the perfect gift this Christmas! The new Original Killburg Geochron Designer Series surely will not disappoint. Given the elegance and the exquisite nature of this piece, we ask that you allow 4 to 5 weeks for delivery time. So, don’t wait any longer. Place an order with us today!  

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