Replogle Helps You Keep Your Globes Updated


Recently, we discussed some of the newest countries appearing on the maps of the world. While it has been a few years since the last new country, South Sudan, established its borders, you never know when political strife might lead to needing an updated map. Changes don’t have to render your globes out-of-date! Replogle Globes offer a great program that helps you keep your globes up-to-date with the latest changes, no matter where they are happening in the world.

When you purchase a Replogle globe, make sure you write down your globe's model number (it's a five-digit number on the carton), as well as the month and year you purchased your globe. Keep those numbers handy! If you ever need an updated globe, you can contact us and we'll get you an updated globe ball or ball and rings for 50% off of the retail price. It's great that Replogle offers this to their customers, because it's a great program that ensures your globe stays relevant in an ever changing world.

If you give a Replogle globe as a gift this Christmas, make sure your friends and family know that this program is available to them. Remember that we also offer gift certificates to our online store, so if they want to pick out their own Replogle globe they can certainly do so. This is the kind of gift they'll treasure for a lifetime--especially when they can continually update it! Place an order on our website for your Replogle globe or gift certificate today. 

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