Replogle Globes are Great For Education


A mainstay of the classroom has always been a globe. Repogle globes are excellent tools for education. Geography, politics, can teach a variety of subjects using a globe for reference. 

1. Physical Geography is the most obvious subject so use a globe for. To study the features of the Earth using a globe is a great way to let students visualize what you are talking about. A lot of students are visual learners, and a globe puts the image of the Earth right in front of their eyes in a way that maps and other 2D images fall short. Repogle globes makes a variety of topographical globes that would be great for this purpose.

2. A globe would also be extremely useful for teaching history. The age of exploration is a great era to talk about with the assistance of a globe. Tracing out the routes that explorers traveled on the globe will give your students a greater appreciation for the extraordinary feats these men accomplished. Repogle globes with antique colored maps will lend an authentic feel to your lessons.

3. Finally, using a globe as reference for a Political Science lesson would be great. Seeing the boundaries of nations as they exist in 3D is a real eye-opener for many students. Being able to find the countries you are studying on the globe is an important skill that many people lack. Make sure your students have the knowledge to do this!

Repogle globes are great educational tools. No matter what you are studying, you can utilize a globe to help. This was just the tip of the iceberg into the many uses of globes in the classroom. Check back later and we'll go over some more great ideas! 

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  • Charles Cotherman
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