Keep Your Mind Sharp With Columbus Globes


Keeping your mind active is important as we age. An active mind helps keep us sharp into our later years. There are a variety of fun ways you can use Columbus globes to keep your mind in great shape. Here are a few ideas for games you can play with your globe to get you started.

A great goal is to be able to name every country in the world. This can be pretty daunting at first though! A great way to tackle this task is to pick one continent at a time. With regular studying you should be able to knock it out in no time. From there you can slowly link them together. For example, once you have Europe and Africa down you can try naming all the countries on both continents at once. You can mix it up even further by doing it in different ways. Name them alphabetically, from south to north, east to west, etc. You will be a master of the globe in no time! With each new continent you get down you will feel a great sense of achievement. When you can name every country in the world from memory you have truly mastered it.

Globes have much more information on them than just the names of the countries. Utilize all of the info on the globe to challenge your mind. Cities, capitals, geographic features....the list goes on and on. Columbus globes are highly detailed and extremely accurate, making them the perfect learning aid. Order yours today!

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  • Charles Cotherman
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