How Replogle Globes Are Better Than Online Maps


Many people tell us that they aren't sure investing in Replogle Globes is worth it, because they can use online maps to look up the locations in question. That's certainly true, and online maps have been a tremendous benefit in giving quick and easy access to millions of people at the touch of a button. However, there are some things that a globe can do that an online map just can't recreate!

Globes allow us to explore on a level that is unheard of in the online world. We can drag our finger along the route taken by Lewis and Clark on their famous cross country expedition, adding a tactile experience to a history lesson. We can explore remote corners of the globe with our eyes, finding new countries, locations, and landmarks to explore further. We can also see the spatial difference between the United States and Africa at a glance, and understand just how vast that distant continent really is. These are lessons that can only come from a physical globe!

Using Replogle Globes in conjunction with online maps is an incredible way to enhance your map-browsing experience. Find an interesting location on your globe, then use your online map to discover more about the location and the people who live there. Learn about the world around you, cultures across the globe, and more about your own backyard with the help of a globe! You'll be amazed at the discoveries you'll make with your new Replogle Globe, so order one from our website today. 

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