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Zoffoli Globes, similarly to Columbus Globes or Replogle Globes, are recognized worldwide for their expert craftsmanship and unique designs. Originating in Italy, these globes are renowned for their “Classica” and “Geographica” collections which were designed to combine beauty with practicality. Globes can function as educational tools, decorations, and inspiration for creativity and imagination. The Zoffoli family designs their globes to combine the craftsmanship developed over centuries with the innovative technology of modern day.

At Zoffoli, globes are a magical item that allows a person to truly have the world at their fingertips. We design our globes to inspire people toward adventure as they trace a path across oceans and continents. We understand that our planet has a rich history of culture and political warfare, but today it is more globalized than ever. With our world in a state of ongoing change and evolution, we seek to embrace both sides of that coin and create globes with innovative features that also speak of the history humanity was built on.

GeoMart is proud to offer a wide selection of the finest globes available today. From classroom accessories to exotic library decorations our globes are unmatched in detail, design, and quality. Our top three brands; Replogle, Columbus, and Zoffoli are all renowned for their history of excellence. To learn more about the product we offer, or to get help deciding which globe is best for your needs, Contact Us Today! We are always happy to help our customers find the perfect product for their needs.

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