Dating Your Antique Columbus Globe or Replogle Globe


For decades globe collectors have viewed their Columbus Globes and Replogle Globes as a way to track the movements of history. Once the earliest known globe was created in the mid 2nd century BC, there began the creation of a rich world history documented on globes. Since that early date new worlds have been discovered, cities and countries have been conquered, and borders have changed. The most famous and oldest current globe makers are Columbus Globes and Replogle Globes. Their long history of excellence makes their globes some of the most popular among collectors.

Although globe dating can become tricky, there are some simple signs that you can look for to guide you. These include:

  • If your globe says Persia rather than Iran it was created before 1935 when the name was changed
  • If your globe says Constantinople rather than Istanbul it was created before 1930
  • If Israel is shown then the globe was created after 1948
  • If Tanzania is labeled as Tanganyika then the globe was made between 1946-1961
  • Ghana was titled as the Gold Coast until 1957
  • Bangladesh was not a country until 1957
  • If Vietnam is shown as one country then the globe was created after 1976
  • In 1991 the Soviet Union was broken into 15 new countries.
  • In 1984 Upper Volta became Burkina Faso

If you are unsure of exactly how much money your globe could be worth then you can take it to a collector who can help you decipher the exact date, maker, and value.

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