GeoMart is a small family owned and operated business. Like many of you, we will be traveling to be with family over the holidays. Any orders received after noon on Dec 22 will not be processed until January 3.

Consider Giving the Gift of Replogle Globes This Holiday Season


Gift cards are must-have items every holiday season! Gift cards allow both the giver and receiver flexibility and stress-free holiday shopping options. If you have a loved one who you know would love one of our amazing Replogle Globes but aren't sure which one to choose, simply give them a gift card to our online store and let them pick for themselves! Our gift cards are good for any of the products in our online store, including all bar globes, desk globes, Geochron, and plush globes.

Gift cards give your loved ones the flexibility of picking out a globe they love without worrying about returning something that wasn't quite right. They can also choose to use some of their holiday cash with your gift card and get an even nicer globe than they'd planned on getting for themselves. If they aren't sure what globes are right for them, they can give our customer service team a phone call and we'll help them choose a globe that's right for their home or office. You can rest assured that they’ll be getting a globe that they love.

You can purchase gift cards in any amount for our high quality globes from Replogle, Columbus, and more. You can find these gift cards on our website, and they are available year-round--but they are perfect gifts during the holidays! Get yours now and get your gift shopping done early so you can enjoy the rest of the season stress free. Find them on our website now!

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