Compare and Contrast Columbus Globes and Zoffoli Globes


Columbus Globes is the oldest globe manufacturer in the world. This company was established in Berlin, Germany in 1909 and is Europe’s favorite luxury globe seller. Columbus Globes are all handcrafted in Germany to this day and pride themselves on accuracy, precision, and quality. These globes are ideal for an office atmosphere due to their clean, professional look. Columbus Globes will last you for years and are wonderful for thoughtful gifts or company rewards.

Zoffoli Globes are also known for their attention to detail, but the overall vibe of the company differs from Columbus Globes’ precision. Established in Italy in 1949, Zoffoli Globes was created by a craftsman named Italo Zoffoli who was originally renowned for his creation of miniatures and cartography. The line was internationally recognized in 1963 and Zoffali’s Globe designs became popular in the prestigious shopping areas of Florence, Milan, Turin, and Naples. Zoffoli craftsmen are passionate about embodying the mystery and magic of world travel in their globes. They believe that nothing can be achieved without passion and are careful to pass down the passion for authentic charm through every generation of craftsmen. These globes are ideal to feature in your home to bring an old world warmth to any room.

UltraGlobes is proud to offer both of these exceptional globe designers. Columbus Globes are designed for authenticity, precision, and professionalism. Zoffoli Globes are created with a passion for the old world charm and the spirit of adventure that globes invoke. Choose your favorite product Now from GeoMart

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