Check Out This Show Stopper from Columbus Globes


Globes come in all different sizes and price points, and we carry a huge selection in our online store. When you need a show stopping piece, though, you can’t go wrong with this Magnum Duo Illuminated 30.5” Floor World Globe from Columbus Globes. This gorgeous globe leaves old-fashioned wood stands behind in favor is a modern steel wishbone stand that allows 360 degree rotation of the globe. This is the perfect show piece for your office, museum, or library! This isn’t just a globe--it’s a work of art.

The craftsmanship of Columbus Globes is evident in every piece they produce, but no more so than in a globe of this size. The map is large enough to accurately display the names of thousands of locations around the world in bold, rich colors. This map also accurately displays shipping lanes, a must in today’s modern world. This beautiful globe gets even better when illuminated by the inner light, making the colors of the map glow and giving you an even more incredible piece for your building.

All Columbus Globes are handcrafted by their trained, talented staff over hours of work. The finished results are breathtaking. If you’d like to own a Columbus Globe for yourself but don’t have the funding for a floor map of this size, take a look at our other selections! We carry a complete line of Columbus Globes so you can own one of these works of art in the price point that works for you. 

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