Check Out Our Featured Products from Columbus Globes, Geochron Enterprises, and more!


We carry so many great globes in our online store! From time to time we like to feature a few of our favorite globes, based on popularity, customer reviews, or just something cool we think you should see. Check out products that we are currently featuring from Columbus Globes, Geochron Enterprises, and more! 

  • Original Kilburg Geochron with Stainless Steel Finish by Geochron Enterprises $2.495 
    More than a globe, this wall piece is an accurate time-keeper for every spot on the globe! The piece looks like a framed world map, but it moves on a belt in sync with the rotation of the earth. You'll be able to tell what time it is anywhere in the world with just a glance! An amazing piece that is specially made for each customer, you'll need to give this beauty two weeks of build time before we can ship it to you. 
  • Bowers 12 inch Illuminated Desk World Globe by National Geographic $133.95
    This globe has the updated cartography needed by any student returning to school this fall. Great for at-home or classroom use, this globe lights up to illuminate the world and place names. Shuts off automatically, so it makes a great night light, too! 
  • Konstanz Illuminated 16 inch Floor World Globe by Columbus Globes $1,149 
    A beautiful globe on a brass pedestal stand, this is the globe you want in your office or library. The structure of this globe is a hand-blown glass orb, to which a map is hand-applied. This is an incredible piece by the master of map-making! 

All of these globes qualify for our free shipping offer, which is good for any globe priced $49.95 or more. Take advantage of that free shipping offer and place an order today!

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