Buying the Right Globe for your Office


There are thousands of different types of globes available online and in stores. Globes can range from statement pieces to educational globes. How do you know how to choose the right globe for your office? Here are a few tips to help in the decision making.

Figure out where you want to place the globe. Will it be in a place of prominence or will it be in the corner of the office? When looking, the size of the globe is an important aspect of buying a globe to consider. Globes come in a large range of sizes and will differ with the amount of information on them based on the size you purchase. The majority of globes for offices range from 13” to 40”.

Another factor to consider is what the features are you looking for. Do you want it to look great and be a conversation starter? There are globes constructed of various precious stones, while others are illuminated. Are you looking for a globe to set on your desk, floor or one to hold your bar items?

How will you be using the globe? If you are buying a globe as a statement piece for your office, you will likely be looking for a different globe than if you are using it for educational purposes. A glass globe would be appropriate for decoration in a professional office.

Prices start at few dollars and go up well into the tens of thousands depending on the factors listed above. Price is generally connected to the materials used, the size and the quality of the geography and topographical features.

UltraGlobes offers Columbus Globes in a variety of sizes, price, features and for different purposes. Shop our site and find the globe that’s the perfect eye-catching piece for your office.

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