Building Your Collection of Columbus Globes & Replogle Globes


Globe collecting is a fascinating way to view the transformation of the world as wars and political battles change the boundaries of the world as we understand it. Because of this ongoing documentation, Columbus Globes and Replogle Globes are often considered the most truthful way understand the course of recent history. However, we have also discovered that globes were often used as a form of propaganda. For example, Columbus Globes from World War Two reflect Hitler’s vision for Germany rather than the reality. German colonies were added in south east and south west Africa even though those had all been lost after World War One as a part of the treaty of Versailles.

Replogle Globes also struggled to keep up with the rapidly changing national boundaries of World War Two. In 1939 Replogle Globes simply ceased updating until 1945 when new borders were set by the peace treaty. The strategy to rectify this problem was a genius one. Replogle Globes included a 10 cent coupon with every new globe purchased so that, after the treaty, the owner could send in for up-to-date borders to cover the old war map borders.

Globes can also be flawed by human error. Some of the globes created by Julius Heyman are missing the island of Helena despite the fact that they were made a full 50 years after Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile. On the Tin Toy Globes it is clear that accurate era depictions were not important to them. Some globes include Central Australia on the same globe that Israel is shown even though Israel was not a nation until long after Central Australia ceased to exist.

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  • Will Mannsz
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