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Mapping Services - Custom Map Scanning

Sample of our Custom Mapping Services


If you project requires high resolution digital maps, put our wide format color scanners to work.  We can scan your original drawings or USGS topos to your specifications.  Just call one of our customer service representatives with the requirements of your project and we will provide to you with the scan to fit your needs.  If needed we can digitally enhance the original scan at no additional cost.


Georeferencing of your maps is also available.


The georeferencing allows your custom scan to fit perfectly with map data that you already have.



High Resolution USGS topos Overnight!

We can scan any USGS publicly available map and ship it the same day. Map orders placed before 2:00 PM (EST) are purchased, scanned, and shipped the same day.  The purchased hard copy maps, included in the prices below, are delivered with the images. 

Scanning - Grayscale / Color

Quantity 300 DPI 400 DPI
< 6 quadrangle maps $29.40 $31.65
6 - 20 maps $26.80 $28.80
> 20 maps $21.60 $23.09
  • Remove collar information = no charge
  • Crop to area of interest = no charge
  • Color balancing = no charge
  • Mosaic maps into single image = charged at georeferencing rates.
  • Deliver unregistered image with georeferenced image = no charge


Scanning - Black & White

Quantity 300 DPI 400 DPI
< 6 quadrangle maps $13.50 $14.00
6 - 20 maps $13.25 $13.75
> 20 maps $11.50 $12.00
Georeferencing (optional)
Quantity affine polynomial
< 6 quadrangle maps $20.00 $25.00
6 - 20 maps $16.00 $20.00
> 20 maps $12.00 $15.00

Map Mosaics / Edge-matching

Mosaics are created by combining into one file multiple raster images, typically from aerial photography or USGS maps.  Generally, we create map mosaics by first geo-rectifying or projecting the maps.  When appropriate, we can also create a mosaic manually through a raster editing application such as Corel Draw/Paint.