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Mapping Services - Data Conversion

Sample of our Custom Mapping Services


Are you spending too much time trying to get mapping data to integrate into you mapping or GIS software?  Are your maps not lining up because the layers are in different projections?  Let us make the translation for you.


We can convert most commercially available datasets to the file type that will be compatible with your software.  The some of the file types we support are:


  • DLG
  • DXF
  • Landmark Graphics
  • MapGen
  • MatLab
  • Shape File
  • ASCII Text
  • STL
  • Terragen Terrain
  • VRML


  • Surfer BLN
  • Surfer Grid (ASCII)
  • Surfer Grid (Binary)
  • SVG
  • Tsunami OVR
  • DEM
  • SDTS
  • XYZ Grid
  • DXF Mesh
  • DXF Point File
  • Rockworks Grid
  • EOO
  • DGN


Reprojection Available

Let us reproject your data set to your specifications.  If it is DRGs, DOQQ, or other raster or vector dataset, we have the capabilities to translate your data into any of 33 projections, 55 earthly or interplanetary datums and 6 units of measure for thousands of different combinations.



Basic file translation and reprojection is $25 per file.