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Maptech Software - Nautical Charts

Maptech Terrain Navigator and Terrain Navigator Pro Digital USGS topographic Maps

Maptech Marine Navigator, Digital Chart Kits, Offshore Navigator and 3D Contour Digital NOAA Nautical Charts

Maptech VFR/IFR AeroPack Digital Aeronautical Charts, AeroSims, and Terminal Sims

Maptech Hand HeldGPS Solutions for Topographic, Nautical and Aeronautical Charts.



Marine Navigator  more information

Marine Navigator combines Maptech's Digital ChartKit, Contour 3-D Charts, and Offshore Navigator in one package with a value price - you'll save almost $200 compared with buying the three components separately.

The system gives you everything you've always wanted from a chartplotter and a whole lot more. Navigate from 2-D to 3-D charts, to aerial photos, to tides and currents, to seeing your GPS position on a chart with intuitive on-the-fly navigation buttons.

Digital ChartKits  more information

Regional collections of digital nautical charts, navigation aids and planning software.


Offshore Navigator  more information

Offshore Navigator is a full-featured PC planning and GPS chartplotting application. It works hand-in-hand with Digital Charts and Contour 3-D Charts (sold separately). If you already have Digital Charts, Offshore Navigator is available by itself. If you're just getting started, we recommend purchasing Marine Navigator which combines all three components in one package.

3D Contour  more information

Seeing is Believing! Contour 3D Charts let you see the structure of the ocean floor in 3D. At home, use it to view your favorite site or find new ones. On the water, Contour 3D will enhance your time spent fishing, diving or navigating.

Thousands of private and public sources have contributed sounding data to the Contour 3D database. You benefit by seeing incredibly detailed 3D charts with shipwreck and obstacle locations.

Maptech strongly encourages using Contour 3D charts with Offshore Navigator and Digital Charts to get the most out of your experience. Marine Navigator is Maptech's new "all-in-one" product that combines all three components (Contour 3D, Digital Charts and Offshore Navigator) into a single package that saves you almost $200.