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Maptech ChartKits




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Product Overview
Used by generations of boaters, ChartKits are full-color reproductions of U.S. government and private charts spiral bound into popular cruising regions. The convenient-sized books are large enough to allow for manual plotting, yet small enough to sit on your nav-station or lap.


GPS Ready
New features make ChartkitsTM easy to use with your GPS. Most charts include one-minute lat./long. grids to make vessel positioning a breeze, and major navigation aids are identified with named GPS waypoints.

Small and Large Scale Charts
ChartKits include small-scale, wide area charts as well as large-scale, detailed charts of harbors and approaches. The Chart Page Index (inside front cover) and "Go-To" page numbers make it simple to quickly find the chart you want.

Pre-plotted Courses
Maptech's navigation editors add magnetic courses between major navigation aids with distances in nautical miles. ChartKits are also designed to help you do the calculations yourself. Each page includes a Compass Rose with annual increase in variation and complete scale information.

Aerial Photos
Color aerial photos of harbors and anchorages help you know what to expect before you get there.

A Great Value
ChartKits are a great value. You save up to 90% off the cost of individual government charts. (The price of ChartKit, Region 3 is $119.95. The cost of the government charts needed to cover the same region would be over $700.)