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The maps on all Replogle Globes show nations, colonies, possessions, boundary lines and place names as officially approved by the United States Government. Maintenance of the content of these maps requires frequent communication with various government agencies. These agencies include the U. S. Department of State, the U. S. Board of Geographic Names, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

In addition to the sources listed above, we communicate with embassies of other nations in Washington D.C. and foreign consulate offices in Chicago (Replogle Globes Inc. is headquartered in the Chicago area) for help with new changes in boundaries and place names. We also use material from official foreign place-name agencies equivalent to our U. S. sources.

Like most American map makers, our globes show the de facto status of nations, regions and possessions-that is, the actual current political situation, or the way things are, not the way some factions believe the situations should be. In some regions we note the political claims by neighboring nations, but the land color (and border) is shown in accordance with the region's actual political affiliation or status.

Due to our globe's use as a reference source for geographic places noted in contemporary news and historical literature, we often show alternative or former place names in parentheses. This is one way our globes serve the ongoing needs of both the serious student and the casual user.

Replogle Globes Inc.

Terrence E. Donovan
Chief Cartographer