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Global Mapper's 3D View window displaying several USGS 24K DLG files draped over a USGS 24K USGS DEM for Blue Springs, MO.
Global Mapper displaying some TerraServer urban imagery for Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX. The dialog used to import TerraServer data is displayed over the extremely detailed color imagery.
Global Mapper feather blending a very high resolution (0.15 meters per pixel) color image with a lower resolution (3.5 meters per pixel) color image for the same area. The high resolution image has been purposely tinted purple to make the feathering effect more visible.
Two instances of Global Mapper with the same satellite image loaded. In the left instance, no modification to the color values in the image have been done. In the right instance, the auto contrast adjust option found in the Options menu in the Overlay Control Center has been enabled. The drastic improvement in the image appearance is obvious.
Global Mapper display when tracking a GPS device over loaded data. In the sample, 30-m SDTS DEM data is loaded as a backdrop with Tiger 2002 data loaded on top. You can see the GPS vessel location and the tracklog of where the vessel has been. The GPS Information dialog displays current GPS status information.
Global Mapper loaded with a 24K SDTS DEM and several SDTS DLG layers for an area. Notice the rich vector display and the status bar display of the item currently under the cursor.
Global Mapper loaded with two adjacent 24K DRG's (Rolla, MO and Dillon, MO). Both DRGs have the auto-clip collar option selected. Note how the DRGs display seamlessly. Without the auto-clip collar feature, there would be a large collar that would block out a large portion of the adjacent data.
Global Mapper after performing a view shed analysis on several loaded SDTS DEM data sets. Global Mapper is able to perform view shed analysis on any of the supported elevation grid formats from a user-specified location, with a specified transmitter height and radius.
Global Mapper loaded with several data sets, including all of the GNIS data points for a single state and the GNIS populated place database. A Find By Name operation is being conducted on the loaded data. This operation allows you to search through all of the currently loaded data with names for a given name. The list of matches is dynamically updated as you type.
Global Mapper loaded with several data sets, included a 24K DRG, several 100K DLGs, and a GNIS (Geographic Names) data file containing place names for the state in which the DRG data resides. The DRG has been artificially dimmed to make the vector data stand out. note the rich display of the data, as well as the fact that the data is rendered in a geographic projection, although the DRG's and DLG's come in UTM. The reprojection of both raster and vector data is done on-the-fly with no input required from the user.
Global Mapper loaded with the worldwide TerrainBase elevation dataset using the global shader to color the imagery.