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Formats Supported by Global Mapper


The following is a partial list of spatial data products and formats that can be displayed in Global Mapper.

* USGS Digital Line Graph, Optional Format (DLG-O)
* USGS Digital Line Graph, Spatial Data Transfer Standard Format (DLG/SDTS)
* USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
* USGS Digital Elevation Model, Spatial Data Transfer Standard Format (DEM/SDTS)
* USGS Digital Elevation Model, GeoTIFF Format
* USGS Digital Raster Graphic (DRG)
* USGS Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQ), Native USGS Format
* USGS Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQ), GeoTIFF Format
* USGS Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQ), JPG w/ Native Header Format
* USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
* USGS Land Use and Land Cover Data (LULC)
* USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) - ArcGrid, BIL, Grid Float Format
* Global 30-arc-second Digital Elevation Data (GTOPO30)
* NOAA DSDATA Geodetic Control, SDTS Format
* NOAA TerrainBase Elevation Data
* Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED)
* JPEG Image with World File
* PNG Image with World File
* AutoCAD DXF (Drawing Interchange File)
* ESRI Shapefiles
* Surfer Grid (ASCII and Binary) Format Files
* Canada 3D Files
* International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO) Files
* Global 2' Elevation Data (ETOPO2)
* GLOBE (Global Land 1-km Base Elevation) Data
* Arc/Info ASCII Grid
* Arc/Info Binary Grid
* LizardTech MrSID Data
* Arc/Info Export Format (E00)
* ERMapper Compressed Wavelet (ECW) Format
* ERDAS Imagine Image Format
* DTED (Digital Terrain Elevation Data) Format
* MapInfo MIF/MID and TAB/MAP Formats
* NIMA GNS (GeoNet Names Server) Format
* Terragen Terrain Format
* MicroStation DGN Format
* SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission)
* BIL/BSQ/BIP Imagery
* ASTER DEM and L1A/L1B Imagery and MODIS imagery
* BSB Nautical Charts
* MapTech Topo Maps and Aerial Navigation Charts
* TIGER/Line Files
* ADRG Files
* ASRP (Arc Standard Raster Product) and USRP Files
* CADRG and CIB Files
* VPF (VMAP0, VMAP1, DNC) Files
* S-57 Digital Chart Files
* JPEG2000 Files
* Erdas GIS Files
* GIF Files
* NOS/GEO Chart Files
* Garmin PCX5 Format Waypoint (WPT) and Track (TRK) Files
* OziExplorer Waypoint (WPT) and Track (PLT) Files
* GPX (GPS eXchange Format) Files
* Zmap Plus Grid Files
* DBF (DBase III+) Files
* BT (Binary Terrain) Elevation Grid Files
* GXF (Geosoft ASCII Grid) Files
* Geosoft Binary Grid Files
* Hypack Matrix Files
* Marplot MIE Files
* DHM - Swiss DEM Files
* Lowrance USR
* GPS TrackMaker
* Landsat 7A FAST Format
* NTF Grid/Contour Format
* TerraScan .bin/.ts Format
* Idrisi Format
* Japanese DEM (JDEM) Format
* SEGP1 Seismic Shotpoint Format
* CompeGPS RTE, TRK, and WPT Formats
* KML/KMZ Formats
* Lowrance SonarViewer Format
* NITF - National Imagery Transmission Format
* Geodas Grid (GRD98) Format
* Intergraph COT Format
* CDF (GES Cartographic Data Format)
* Platte River ASCII Digitizer Format
* AutoCAD DWG (DraWinG) File
* WAsP .MAP Format
* PGM Grayscale Grid Format
* SMT KINGDOM Software Planimetric Polygon Format
* Polish MP (cGPSMapper) Format
* GML (Geography Markup Language) Format