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Vector Topographic Data


Wilmington Vector Street Data 3D Contours 2D Contours of Old Faithful 3D View of Toas, NM with DOQQ overlay 2D mapping with DOQQ overlay

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The vector 7.5 minute quad maps are CAD/GIS drawings where each road, stream, and contour line are individual entities. This is completely different from Raster quad maps which are simply paper maps that have been run through a scanner and geo-referenced.

The entities on our vector maps are on many different layers, according to their type. For example, major roads are on a different layer than minor roads or streams. Additionally, contour lines are 3D polylines. This makes for a very easily manipulated CAD or GIS drawing.

The difference between Vector maps and Raster maps is analogous to the difference between a word processing document and a scanned document. The word processing document is a whole lot easier to change, move words around, add new paragraphs, or run a spelling checker than a scanned document. Likewise, it is much easier to modify, move, add new entities, or analyze a vector CAD drawing than the corresponding scanned map.

This vector data also provides access to the USGS Digital Elevation Models (DEM) that are used to generate the 3D contour lines. Several output formats, including DEM and XYZ ASCII files allow your 3D Surface Analysis Program to use the DEM data.

Vector Graphics Features:

Vector CAD/GIS line work, not scanned quad sheets.

3D contours from USGS DEMs at any contour interval.

Different layers for map features.

Seamless tiling of multiple quads.

Geo-referenced coordinate systems, including state plane, lat-long, UTM, NAD83 and NAD27.

GPS compatible, labeled streets and landmarks.

Multiple CAD and GIS output file options, DWG, DXF, DGN, SHP, and MIF.

XYZ and DEM elevation files for terrain and hydrology analysis.

Each State and County data set include all data and user interface to extract the data exactly as you like.  Options include layers needed, mosaicing adjoining maps, contour intervals, projection system, file format, double lined roads, and 3D elevation data.

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