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County Map Books


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Carolina Global Mapd presents County Map Books!While a map serves the very pragmatic purpose of showing the user how to get from Point A to Point B, the maps contained in this publication contain a wealth of additional information. The highly detailed county maps herein show roads ranging from Federal Interstate highways to primitive roads, including some. that are impassable at certain times of the year. These maps will even show many forest trails. Any map user expects greater detail on a county map, and will generally find much additional information such as all rivers, streams, creeks and lakes, as well as all towns, villages and cities. 

But, beyond these very important and basic details, the maps reveal a myriad of additional, valuable information. As an example, the location of cemeteries has proved helpful to genealogical researchers for obvious reasons. The available information ranges from recreation areas to rural church locations and serves a variety of users for commercial, recreational or more specific purposes.

Reference to the complete legend, located on page one of this publication, will show the reader the vast amount of information contained on these maps. The base map includes locator symbols, for example, for mines, camps or lodges, public service facilities such as power plants, state police stations and hospitals. The names of bordering counties are shown just outside the borders of each county. Mileage between points along a particular highway or road show the user exactly how far he is from the next town or point of interest. All in all, these maps provide a complete picture of the area being traveled.

There are several covered bridges identified on these maps. The careful reader will locate them. Lookout towers, situated to provide a commanding view of area terrain are shown on these maps. Airports, television station towers, high water marks on major rivers and tracks of railroads serving the various counties are also among the items that make for fascinating reading.

These extremely accurate maps are supplemented with detailed information about state parks and many of the mammals that inhabit the less-densely populated areas of the state. For still easier use of these maps, colored symbols are employed to call attention to the location of the seat of government in each county, as well as such attractions as state parks and forests, national parks and forests, and public hunting and fishing areas. 

Text matter accompanying each county map includes, where available, the origins of the name of the county and the county seat, as well as the location within the state. The date when the county was established, and other information about significant events and features, is also included.