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World Atlases

National Geographic Atlas of the World

National Geographic

Atlas of the World, Eighth Edition

National Geographic's Atlas of the World - the volume that has set the world's standard for more than a generation. This unparalleled collection of political, physical, and satellite maps covers every continent, country, and region of the entire planet in precise detail. View cities and towns, boundaries and political divisions, water features, transportation networks, and physical features, as well as incredible three dimensional shaded relief. Stunning full-color maps detail the chasms and undersea mountain ranges of the ocean floors, and thematic maps delve into the details of the universe and our solar system, the natural forces and systems of the Earth, biological and cultural diversity, population, economics, energy, resources, and much more. Flags, facts, and expertly written profiles are included for every state, province, and country, and city inset maps display city boundaries and road networks for every major world city. The result of more than 116 years of exploration, the Atlas of the World is the ultimate guide to our solar system and beyond.

Hardcover, 416 pages. 12 3/8" x 18 1/2". 8th edition. ©2005.




National Geographic Family Reference Atlas

National Geographic

Family Reference Atlas
In line with our tradition of setting the standard for maps and atlases, National Geographic's Family Reference Atlas of the World is a standout. More than 450 full-color maps, illustrations, and photographs give a complete view of our world. Maps cover a broad range of thematic topics such as space, climate, weather, biodiversity, world religions, economies, and technological development. This is a volume the entire family will enjoy together.

Hardcover, 352 pages. 10" x 13".




National Geographic Concise Atlas of the World

National Geographic

Concise Atlas of the World
From the world's premier cartographic authority, the National Geographic Concise Atlas of the World provides condensed, essential information for understanding the peoples and places of our planet.

With more than 300 maps, charts, graphs, flags, and illustrations, the atlas captures a complete portrait of the world in one compact, highly accessible volume. Includes up-to-date, indexed, political and physical maps, as well as new world thematic maps covering the structure of the earth, tectonics, climate, oceans, population, religion, energy, and economy. Country profiles provide flags and valuable facts for all 192 independent nations of the world. Key information is provided about time zones, metric conversions, and geographic terms.

Measures 10 1/4" x 13 1/2".




National Geographic Student Atlas of the World

National Geographic

Student Atlas of the World
The Student Atlas of the World combines full-color maps and data sets to introduce students to the importance of the connections between geography and other areas of study. The thematic atlas gives students a clear picture of the recent agricultural, industrial, demographic, environmental, economic, and political changes in every world region.




National Geographic Beginner's World Atlas National Geographic
Beginner's World Atlas

Large maps introduce kids to the seven continents of the world. Packed with full-color photos highlighting people, places, and natural wonders for child explorers.

Hardcover, 64 pages. 100 color photos and illustrations. 10" x 14".




National Geographic World atlas for Young Explorers

National Geographic

World Atlas for Young Explorers
An excellent resource for kids combining geographical, environmental, cartographic, and brief cultural information. The atlas tours the universe a whole and then narrows to space, continents, weather, animals and individual countries. Maps include basic facts (population, land area) for each country and political designation.

A 1999 Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner!

Hardcover, 192 pages. 10" x 14". © 2003. Recommended for ages 8-12.




National Geographic Our World: Child's Picture Atlas

National Geographic

Our World: Child's Picture Atlas
This picture atlas is a colorful introduction to maps and geography for preschoolers to first graders. Colorful thematic maps introduce young children to the countries and major physical features of the world. Includes a close look at the United States and each of the seven continents. Full-color photographs and illustrations, carefully selected for their appeal to children, supplement the large, easy-to-understand maps. Additional parent-child activities reinforce the concepts presented. Perfect for introducing young children to the world!

Hardcover, 32 pages.




National Geographic Atlas of the Middle East

National Geographic

Atlas of the Middle East
The definitive Middle East Atlas provides an in-depth look into this critical region - its populations, religion and politics, cultural conflicts, holy sites, resources, and much more. Filled with maps, photographs, charts, and graphs that provide up-to-date insights.

Softcover, 96 pages. 8" x 11".