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Current Aerial Photography


Morgantown WV  West Virginia University  Click to enlarge Atlantic Beach, NC  Click to enlarge Washington, DC  Click to enlarge.  Look close, you will see the Pentagon and Ronald Reagan International Airport Miami, FL  Click to enlarge Irving, TX  Click to enlarge.  Look close, you will see Texas Stadium the home of the Dallas Cowboys


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Our most popular and widest coverage of current aerial photography comes from The National Aerial Photography Program.  The National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP) provides a standardized set of cloud-free aerial photographs covering the conterminous U.S. over five-to-seven year cycles. The program began in 1987 and continues to be our most recent and consistent source of high-quality aerial photography.

The NAPP photographs were acquired from an altitude of 20,000 feet at a scale of 1:40,000 (1"=3,333') and are available in black & white (B/W) or color infrared (CIR), depending on location and date. Each photo is covers a ground area of thirty-two square miles.

The following standard print sizes and scales are available:

Print Size Enlargement Scale 1" Equals
9 x 9 in 1x 1:40,000 3,333 ft
15 x 15 in 1.67x 1:24,000 2,000 ft
18 x 18 in 2x 1:20,000 1,666 ft
36 x 36 in 4x 1:10,000 833 ft


Other Sources of Photographs

GeoMart also has access to some large privately held photographic libraries across the United states  There is no set standard for scale or type of photography.  If you have a library of photography and would like to make it available for resell, please contact us at 800-248-6277.




Custom Enlargements

Custom enlargements may also be ordered for any selected portion of a 9" x 9" photo. This type of enlargement allows for a greater potential enlargement factor (8x and 16x) for the selected area.



Certification services are available upon request. An official signed document will be mechanically riveted to the photographic product. This document will confirm the producer, the project name, roll number, frame number, film type, size, and enlargement factor (if any).

A photograph can only be certified prior to the order being shipped.