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Map Accessories - Scales

Map Tacks to mark all your locations

Sticky Map Dots to mark your locations

Map Measurers to find distance on maps easily

Map scales to use with your USGS topographic maps to find UTM or Latitude and Longitude


To make finding coordinates a breeze, try these handy tools from GeoMart.


The Coordinator - Easily find Latitude and Longitude or UTM using this convienent tool and a USGS topographic Map


Everyone from backpackers and wilderness adventures to earth science professionals use the TopoCompanion! Precise, compact and affordable, TopoCompanion is the tool you will not want to be without! TopoCompanion offers the same accuracy as itís sister product, The Coordinator, and functions in the same way. TopoCompanionís convenient size enables you to work with the following map scales:


1:24,000 | 1:25,000 | 1:50,000 | 1:63,360 | 1:250,000


TopoCompanion $7.95


Donít miss out!
Low-cost pocket GPS receivers are now becoming widely used in hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, wilderness adventuring as well as by earth science professionals, search and rescue and the list goes on and on. GPS receivers display the users location in latitude/longitude or UTM grid data.


The TopoCompanion are recommended by earth science author Lawrence Letham in his book "GPS Made Easy". They were also featured in "GPS World" magazine.